What is the Pershing Purpose General Fundraising Campaign?


In honor of our 96th Anniversary, the PTO is continuing our Annual General Fundraising Campaign renamed this year the Pershing Purpose. Donations directly finance the needs of our campus that are not supported by Pershing Middle School’s limited state and federal budgets. This year our goal is to raise $30,000 that can be used to support all Pershing Middle School student and faculty needs. This includes things like auditorium enhancements and sport/club uniforms. The Pershing Purpose will also fund our Teacher Grant program, which is a selection process to fund classroom projects or enhancements specifically requested by Pershing Middle School teachers.


What will the PTO’s commitment be?


We commit to being transparent about how these dollars are spent. The PTO will compile a comprehensive list of how these dollars were spent and publish them on our website.


What will my commitment be?

 How do I make a donation?

To make a credit card donation visit our website at pershingpto.org.

Click on this Pershing Purpose Campaign link


To donate by cash, please complete the Pershing Purpose General Fundraising Form and return to the red PTO drop box located in the Pershing Office.


If you have any questions, pershingpres@gmail.com.


Interested in Corporate Sponsors? Contact Suzanna Bonham Fulcher or Sharon Garner, pershingcorporate@gmail.com.