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2022-23 Supplies

7/25/2022 12:58 am

You can find Pershing's General Supply List HERE.

You may not need all of these supplies and you may need additional supplies. Your teachers will give out their supply list in the beginning of the year and give you a little time to bring them in.



What to bring on the first day:

Don't weigh your student down on the first day of school. Send them with a folder to put handouts in, something to write with, a water bottle, and a snack. Pretty quickly they will need a lock for PE (have them practice and make sure to take a photo and write down the combination), composition books, and colored pencils.



Student IDs and Chromebooks

All students will take their turn getting an ID and being issued a Chromebook. It's a process so don't stress if your student does have one right away. It's okay to remind them to speak up if it seems like most people have them and they don't.