Uniforms are required for the 2024-2025 school year. If you need assistance with purchasing a school t-shirt or sweatshirt, please reach out to your counselor.

Dress Code

The purpose of Pershing’s Dress Code is to ensure a safe learning environment and to promote a climate of effective discipline that doesn’t distract from the educational process


All students will be checked prior to entering the building to ensure that dress code is followed. Students who are out of dress code will have to call their parents to bring their dress code clothing or they will be placed in In-School Suspension for the day. Students who need financial assistance with dress code shirts/sweatshirts/PE uniforms, may see your counselor.

2024-2025 Dress Code


  • T-shirts and polo style shirts in grade-level color. T-shirts must have the Pershing logo and can be purchased from the school store. Polo style shirts must be plain grade-level color.
  • Grade-level colors:
    • 6th Graders ‐ Gray
    • 7th Graders ‐ Red
    • 8th Graders – Black
  • Students may not wear the Pershing PE shirt as an outer shirt. Grade Level Colors


  • Pants
    • Standard solid black or tan khakis, fitted at the waist and extending to the ankle. Jeans are NOT allowed
  • Shorts
    • Solid black or tan khaki shorts, fitted at the waist and extending to the knee. No cargo or Athletic shorts are allowed.
  • Skirts
  • Solid black or tan khaki skirts. May not be shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Only solid tan, solid white, or solid black leggings may be worn under skirts; length of skirt must be the same with or without leggings.


  • Closed toe, closed heel shoes must always be worn (i.e., tennis shoes, Vans).
  • For safety reasons, Crocs, platform shoes, spiked heels, combat boots, steel‐toed boots, or any backless shoes (including clogs, house shoes, flip‐flops, and sandals), and shoes with rollers/wheels are not allowed.

Outer Garments

  • Only non-hooded sweatshirts with the Pershing logo are allowed. Sweatshirts must be in their grades’ assigned color (Gray for 6th grade, Red for 7th grade and Black for 8th grade).
  • Zipped outer coats/jackets are also allowed if student has on dress code shirt underneath. No nicknames are allowed on jackets
  • Blankets are never allowed on campus.

PE Uniforms

  • PE uniforms must be purchased from the school store and have the Pershing logo on them. Black sweatpants, joggers or leggings are allowed when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Gymnastics, Dance, and Karate have their own class uniform requirements.

Identification Cards

  • All students are always required to have a Student Identification Card.
  • Students are not allowed to deface identification cards. Information on the ID must be clearly visible.
  • Replacement “ID” cards cost is $5.00. Lanyard replacement cost is $1.00.
  • IDs are required to attend all Pershing events.

Additional Dress and Grooming Regulations

  • Jewelry that distracts from the educational process is not allowed.
  • Wallet chains or dog collars are not allowed.
  • Head wear (hats, caps, bandanas, scarves, headbands, etc.) or hair grooming devices (combs, picks, etc.) are not allowed. Head wear worn for religious purposes is always allowed.
  • Sunglasses are not allowed.
  • Tattoos or a marking from markers or pens on exposed skin are not allowed.

The school administration is the final arbitrator on what detracts from the educational process.